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  • Customers like
    • Possibility of it working 4
    • Got it to me fast 4
    • I did not like it is ias a scam and rip off 2
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    • Terrible return policy 10
    • Fake 90 day guarantee 10
    • Product did not work 9

I have been trying to return this thing for more than forty days now and I just get emails saying under review. This item did not work, my snoring was still the same after trying this for a week. I get emails every time I send a request for directions on how and where to return this item. The emails are always the same, your request is under review. I slept with the head thing for over a week and my snoring was the same, need less to say I got... Read more

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This product did NOT work for me. My wife had to flee the bedroom within minutes after I fell asleep. I use one of the plastic mouthguard solutions which keeps your lower jaw foward. I hate it but it really works. This one does not! (And based on its design, its hard to see how / why it would.) Also, they are experts at making the so-called "money back guarantee" such a hassle (and its only a "partial" refund, when you read the fine-print)... Read more

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This does not work and I had a terrible time trying getting a refund. The mask did not work. It is just a piece of fleece and did not even fit. I m the one who snores and my husband said that the mask did not work. I was still snoring after using it for several days. They say that they can not refund something that has been used. Well how would you otherwise know if it worked or not if you didn't try using it. I ordered the special of... Read more

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This is an incredibly cheap producer for the money. It is a complete rip off because it says 90 day money back but then they take 25% off of the refund. Initially, I paid $129.94, including shipping and handling (that was very excessive). I paid to send the product back. Then they sent me a refund of $89.97! My cost was $39.97 plus the cost to send it back. They could do this all day long and still make money! I am positive it did not cost... Read more

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This did not work for anyone in my family. When I returned them because they did not work I asked for my refund and they said they could not refund my money because they were used. Of course they were used how else would I have known if it worked or not. It took almost a month for them after me emailing them several times for my refund for them to tell me this. Then I turned them over to my credit card company Snoring Solutions said I took... Read more

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Note to self and all others this is a complete scam, you get a cheap piece on nylon worth maybe a $1.00 to manufacturer. Then I am sure they get over 90% returns because it does nothing at all to help, so you have to go through the 90 days money back guarantee. They make you do a complicated process for the return and it must be sent at the more expensive return shipping at your cost, what they don't tell you is the 25% disposal fee. Even if... Read more

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the thing is just a piece of elastic material and doesn't begin to work. My husband tried it several times and nothing different happened with his snoring. So when I tried to find how to return it I had to go on their website and follow very complicated instructions and that is where I found there is a 25% disposal fee which they don't tell you about up front. DON'T BUY! Also I just saw the same piece of junk in a catalog for $19.95. This... Read more

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first of all, it doesn't really help snoring. it is also cheap made, and not comfortable. then, as if to add injury to insult as they say, they rip you off when you return. after you go thru all the steps to return it, and they finally decide to return your money, they charge you $20 for disposal fees. of course they don't tell you that before hand. it took several weeks to finally get a partial return. BIG RIP OFF. DON'T BUY. Read more

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As everyone seems to agree with, this is a fake solution, tried it 2 for one, money back guarantee, nothing to lose. Joke, doesn't work, simple cheap material. Sent it back , one not even opened, have not heard or seen any money back for one month now. This thing is probable worth $5 as a dish cloth. Cost me $16.50 to return and they want to keep 20% for laundry or something. Some people need a conscience. Consumers beware of this product and... Read more

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What a joke !!! BEWARE Wish i would have read reviews first, like most I am desperately seeking a way to help me and my husband and our occasional snoring issues, so I googled it one night and up pop this snore solution, I purchased it for $129.94 buy one get one free so I figured well there's two of us that need some help give it a try they offer your money back if you're not satisfied well some of it I was told I will get $89 back of $129 94... Read more

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