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What a scam i got sucked into! The product is laughable and does not work. Cheap, flimsy hunk of garbage.

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Did not work for me. Still snored just as bad but with my mouth closed.

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DO NOT PURCHASE! SCAM! The owner answers the phone and I've called several times about my refund . He keeps telling me that he refunded to my Amex and might take 90 days to show the credit on my statement. Finally called Amex. Owner never refunded. Amex is opening a dispute but tells me that after 90 days they really can't get the money back. HOW IRONIC that the owner told me I had to wait 90 days for a refund.!!! The item is worthless. Cheaply... Read more

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Tout d'abord lors de la commande on nous donne pas de détail quant au taux de change et du montant réel qui nous sera facturer dans le courriel que nous recevons. Le truc ne fonctionne pas du tout, c'est une vrai plaisanterie. Pour finir, ça nous coûte près de 26.00$ pour retourner le tout sans remboursement et cette façon de faire est exigée par eux. La compagnie garde 25% de la valeur du truc pour l'essaie. Donc, c'est très dispendieux ... Read more

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I did not receive the item ordered. I paid with my MasterCard and live in Copenhagen I have already been writing to my snore relution What to do? Johnnie

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YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ALL MONEY BACK! You DO indeed have something to lose by trying this. There is a $20 "disposable" fee. You won't know that until you go to return it, though. I don't believe I saw it anywhere upon on purchasing. I would have never purchased this strap if I had known they were going to keep $20! I only purchase it because I thought I had nothing to lose. Very uncomfortable device. Not effective, not at all. My husband found it... Read more

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Worthless product. Be sure to read the fine print. Or maybe it's not in there, but they will charge you a $20 disposable a fee when you return it. And you will, indeed. How dare they claim that this product is not uncomfortable! My jaw hurt so bad after the first hour. My husband found it very annoying and useless as well. I feel like this company should issue out an apology to all its customers and reimburse them the $20 First lost. I don't... Read more

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After wearing this thing for less than 20 min. my husband said I snored louder than he had ever heard. The worst thing is that I paid $129.97 for something that possibly cost $5 to make. I fell for the deal of buy one get one free! Later finding out that it costs $12.99 at Amazon. Then they claim they have to dispose of returned jaw straps due to germs and charge 25% to "dispose" of it. Then you are charged shipping fees and return... Read more

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This product is worthless with no hope for working as described. Plus, I ordered one (buy one/get one free). I only wanted one to try. I received three different packages with the same product, so I ended up with six chin straps overall. I spent $119.97 total. I am trying to return and get my money back. If you look at the data online, which I wish I would have studied prior to ordering, it actually is very unimpressive. Some subjects... Read more

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I have been trying to return this thing for more than forty days now and I just get emails saying under review. This item did not work, my snoring was still the same after trying this for a week. I get emails every time I send a request for directions on how and where to return this item. The emails are always the same, your request is under review. I slept with the head thing for over a week and my snoring was the same, need less to say I got... Read more

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