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I use a CPAP every night but I have used only a chin strap as well and sometimes I just use the chin strap.This chin strap should work if used properly it may takes some getting used to by causing soreness in the jaw muscles at first by holding the muscles tightly in place but you need to continue using it and the fit will relax. People used to sew a tennis ball into the back of their... Read more

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I didn't work, the refused phone callls. i SENT it back according to their instructions and finally had my credit card company file a complaint and after 3 months recieved only a portion of what I A HUGE SCAM I ONLY USED ONE AND FOLLOWED ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONS PAID. Plato PS: SORRY FOR THE CAPITALS AND LARGE PRINT DO TO MY VISION ISSUE The information contained in this email and any attachments is... Read more

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Called the company to cancel my order. Because my daughter had ordered me some already. Fellow on the phone said no problem. I just order the chin straps yesterday evening... he told me he would have to look for the package could I hold on said yes. I held on and he said he found my package. So it wasn't mailed out yet and that he would give me a credit and it would take 2 to 3 days... and that... Read more

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Does not work. Now I snore with my mouth closed. I'm to return the item and hope for the best on trying to get credit. From the amount of complaints looks like this will be a problem also. Add comment

I wanted this so I could travel without my CPAP (motorcycle trops) I have a mild condition, and as a cardiac nurse, I am aware of the medical consequences of apnea. It was awful. After about an hour, I awoke from fitful sleep with bad dreams of being suffocated. I sleep better with nothing and just doing my sleep/snore/awaken cycles. My heart was racing at 120 per minute and I had a horrible... Read more

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We purchased the chin strap, my husband still snores, now with his mouth closed. There was NO difference. He also uses the recommended "breathe right" strips. NO difference. Website is very deceiving. Bought the recommended pillows, thought they were also buy one get one, only okayed ONE credit card transaction, but was charged twice. Company refused to honor the buy one get one and still... Read more

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snoring solution is an absolute piece of ***. My daughters hair bands are made better for 3 $. Return policy is a joke. They charge a 25% enviromental fee upon return so they still make money on this junk. Companies like this should be run out of business. Product claims to stop snoring, it does not. Product claims that it does not close your mouth completely, it does. Product claims to be well... Read more

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i have had this for a couple of months and i thought i was doing good until i went to the deer camp and the guys said i snore like a freight train and non stop with my chin strap. and this is so uncomfortable. how can someone advertise a product that is supposed to work and charge a fortune for it. is there any way i can get a refund on a product that does not work. and do they make a product... Read more

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I have tried every anti snoring device on the market, the chin strap, the nasal tape, the mouth guard (including the one made by a dentist that cost thousands), the clip that goes in your nose, the sprays, the creams, the pillows, the elevating bed, you name it and I tried it but although the mouth guard came close, none of them completely stopped my snoring and most had no effect at all. For... Read more

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I returned product before 90 day. Didn't receive money back and they are ignoring cc company. Calling attorney generals office. I'm pissed. More than you can imagine...hello bbb!! Who should also like to start a class action suit against this company??? Add comment

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